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Fee Schedule

Certain fees may apply.*

Fees happen, and we don't want you to be surprised when they do.  Not all fees apply to every account type.  Please check the Truth in Savings brochure and/or fee schedule you received when you opened your Security First National Bank account or request a current fee schedule from our office to determine which fees apply to your account.

Type of Fee Amount
Account Research
Bad Address Fee
Cashiers Checks
Chargeback Fee
$25.00 / hour
$3.00 each
$2.00 / item
Check Order Fees
Close New Account within 30 days of Opening
Continuous Overdraft Charge (per business day)
Debit Card Replacement
May Vary
Dormant Account Fee
Inactive Account Fee
Legal Processing Fee
Locked Bag
$8.00 / month
$8.00 / month
$50.00 each
Money Orders
Notary Service (non-customer)
NSF Return Item Charge
Outgoing International Wire Transfer
$3.00 each
$15.00 each
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer
O/D Paid Item Charge
Quick Statement Copy
Return Mail Fee
$25.00 each
$5.00 / month
Safe Deposit Late Fee
Stop Payment
Zipper Bag
$25.00 each

*The fee schedule on this page is for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace the Truth-in-Savings agreement received at time of account opening.