Officers & Staff

It's a circus around here!

We are glad to be part of the SFNB family, where friendliness is a given and taking care of our customers is something we take pride in doing.  You'll see it on our faces when you visit our lobby, and you'll hear it in our voice when you call.  No, it's not really a circus here, but we like to have fun and it shows.  Drop by to visit with our staff and see for yourself!


President / CEO
Sr Vice President / COO
HR Officer
Asst. Secretary of Corporation
Loan Officer (MLO# 785819)
Executive Vice President
Loan Officer (MLO# 785817)
Vice President / Cashier
BSA, OFAC, & CRA Officer
Secretary of Corporation
Security & Privacy Officer
Vice President
Loan Officer (MLO# 1301518)
Vice President
Loan Officer (MLO# 1625211)
Vice President
Asst. Vice President IT Officer
Asst. Vice President
Loan Officer (MLO# 1725197)


Loan Department
Chelsey Fox, Loan Assistant (MLO# 1827347)
Kristen Eppler, Loan Assistant
Conley Evans, Loan Assistant
Abby Harwood, Loan Assistant
Jessica Salmon, Credit Department Supervisor
Front Office
Dusty Hicks, Secretary
Danny Antwine, Field Representative
Toma Payne, Receptionist/Customer Service/Teller
Erica Bush, Customer Service
Kady Day, Customer Service
Alexis Dees, Customer Service/Marketing
Bailey Exum, Customer Service
Jada Koorevaar, Customer Service
Ashleigh McFatridge, Customer Service
Alicia Milanoski, Customer Service
Kelsea Scroggins, Customer Service/Bookkeeping/Note Dept
Leah Smith, Customer Service
Back Office
Elizabeth Garcia, Operations Assistant/Accounting
Shanette Lambe, Operations Assistant/Assistant BSA Officer/Bookkeeping Supervisor
Renae Loftin, Operations Assistant/BSA Assistant/Note Dept Supervisor
Chris Cannon, Collections/Marketing