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Certificates of Deposit

Put your company's money to work, too!

Put your money to work by depositing it to one of our Certificates of Deposit.  Earn one of the best rates around while getting the peace of mind only the bank you've trusted for over 90 years can provide.  
For current rates and terms, please call one of our New Account Representatives at (580) 326-9641.
Term Minimum Deposit Early Withdrawal Penalty
3 month
6 month
$1,000 90 days interest
1 year
18 month
$1,000 180 days interest
2 years
4 years
$1,000 180 days interest

The following terms and conditions apply to all Certificates of Deposit:
  • Minimum balance of $1,000 to open
  • At maturity, you may receive an interest check, have your interest deposited to another account, or have your interest added back to the CD.